If, like me, you’re stuck watching The Game Awards (perhaps trapped in a lift with nothing but a streaming device), you’ll know that Telltale are doing a Batman game.

    What manner of Batman game? Well, the teaser was pretty much just some (decent-looking) monochrome, graphic novel sketches with vague voiceover about a crime-ridden city, rich playboy and the like. Then it cut to the familiar Batman logo, and the Telltale Games Series text beneath it.

    It doesn’t even have an official name yet. However, it will be another episodic adventure(ish) series, in the manner of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and so on. It’s due in 2016.

    A little more detail (though not much) is available from the Telltale blog. This does note that a longer announcement trailer will be along in the future.

    Peter Parrish

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