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It’s fairly common in this day and age to own more than one gaming platform. Even a quick spin around my home office will reveal game cases for other consoles, in particular, the Nintendo Switch. But the popular monster capturing franchise known as Pokémon has only found a home on Nintendo consoles and mobile devices. Developer Crema aims to deliver a monster capturing clone for PC players in the form of Temtem. However, server issues have disrupted its launch.

Transparency is key

The official Twitter feed for Temtem has offered up a somewhat surprising response to server woes. The account acknowledged the issues that have been plaguing the game since its January 21 rollout. After a few server restarts, the account sent this:

C-c-c-connection error!

Connectivity hiccups at launch are no stranger to modern games, especially ones that are always online. Even AAA companies like EA have fallen victim to this modern problem. Like EA, the Temtem server problems seem to be affecting more than just a small player base. A follow-up tweet was issued, not only expressing frustration from the developer’s end but also making fans aware that they can empathize with what they’re experiencing. The account went on to write, “We’re going to try to solve the issue as quick as possible. If you don’t want to wait until the game is stable enough, you can ask for a refund on Steam.” In the tweet, they even share the link for the Steam help page where you can submit for a refund.

Temtem is still currently available on Steam, Valve’s digital storefront, for $34.99 USD. Despite the connection issues, the overall user score for Temtem still sits at a “Very Positive” from just over 3,000 reviews. The game is in Steam’s Early Access platform, so take that as you will. As a side note, you can read the policy for Steam refunds on their official site or in the store. You should know that, if you plan to request a refund, you must request it with less than two hours of playtime and have owned the product for less than two weeks.

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