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January 21 is almost here, and that means it’s almost time to Temtem. In our recent preview of the game, we ran through a broad overview of what you can expect from the creature-collecting MMO. But one thing that hasn’t been discussed much, and Crema and Humble Bundle haven’t given much detail on, is Temtem’s endgame, until now.

The endgame is what separates good MMOs from bad ones. A good endgame will give a title longevity that far exceeds its story mode or campaign. We’ve speculated about Temtem’s endgame a bit in the past, but we assumed it would mostly involve player-versus-player battles. Turns out there’s so much more to it.

What will Temtem’s endgame look like?

With the release of its latest video, Crema and Humble Bundle gave us a massive new piece of information about Temtem’s endgame. There will be a dedicated endgame area that will have new Temtem hiding in the grass every week. The Temtem in this area will have better stats than those found in other areas. Plus they’ll have a higher chance to be Luma.

That brings us nicely to the next endgame feature, Luma hunting. Luma Temtem are shiny, recolored versions of the regular creatures that come with at least three Single Value stats maxed out. Featuring a Luma Temtem in your squad will be a serious status symbol in the Airborne Archipelago. But be prepared for hours of grinding to catch them. Outside the endgame area, you have a one in 6,000 chance of seeing one.

The last aspect of Temtem’s endgame we know about is the breeding. This is where you will spend hours painstakingly combining your creatures until you have the perfect fighting specimen. Temtem that are created through breeding inherit the Single Value stats of their parents. So, with careful planning and the DNA Strand items, you can get Temtem with higher Single Value stats than anywhere else. According to the video, the breeding center is also the only place some Temtem can be found.

There is still more to come for Temtem’s endgame. We know very little about the housing system, plans for events, and the mythical Temtem, probably because those features will only be coming after the initial early access release. According to the Temtem Discord server, the game is likely to cost $35 and will be available through Humble Bundle and Steam on PC.

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