Temtem: How to complete Tourist Guide and get the Umbrella

As you’re making your way through the main storyline of Temtem, you will come across loads of side quests that will have you scampering around the Airborne Archipelago helping its citizens. One of the best items for the early game is a piece of gear called the Umbrella, and it can be found by completing the Tourist Guide quest. You really should complete this quest. And now that you’ve found your way to this article, it will only take you a couple of minutes.

What’s so special about the Umbrella?

You’ve been running around Temtem’s first island for a few hours and haven’t seen a single drop of rain. So, why in the Airborne Archipelago would you need an umbrella? It’s because while the weather hasn’t thrown any water at you, the hordes of Water-type Temtem you need to deal with will. And the Umbrella is your best defense against Water techniques.

The Umbrella is a piece of gear (an item your Temtem can hold in PvE battles to grant special bonuses) that reduces damage from Water Techniques by 20%. You can stack that with a Temtem that’s already resistant to Water-types to make it incredibly powerful. Or you can give it to a Temtem that’s vulnerable to Water-types to help shore up its defenses.

Temtem Umbrella

The Umbrella is the best item for the first island in Temtem.

Where do you get the Umbrella?

The Umbrella can be acquired from the Tourist Guide quest in Arissola. Thankfully, you won’t really benefit from the item much before this. To get the quest, you need to talk to the under-prepared and overwhelmed Tour Operator in the center of Arissola. You’ll see a crowd of six people gathered around looking a bit lost. The Tour Operator is just to the northwest of them.

Temtem Tourist Guide Quest

The Tour Operator and her abandoned group

How to complete the Tourist Guide quest

Offer to take the tour for the Tour Operator and then head over to the group of six people nearby. You can speak to any of them to begin the dialogue. Tell them you’re the tour guide they’ve been looking for and dazzle them with your knowledge of Arissola and Deniz.

You will be prompted to give six responses. Here are the answers you need to complete the Tourist Guide quest:

  • For your first prompt: Any answer will do.
  • The ancient poet answer: Pasiphae of Turquesa.
  • When you talk about the massif of red rock select: Thalassian Cliffs
  • The answer to the question about what’s on the other side of the river: The town of Turquesa
  • To answer the question about where to go next: Any answer will do.
  • And your response to the castle lover: Any answer will do.
  • After answering all the tourists’ questions, head back to the Tour Operator and collect your Umbrella.

Why is the Umbrella the best item for the first Temtem island?

The toughest parts of the first island will be your battle through the Arissola Dojo, the fight against Sophia, and Max ambushing you before you hop on the airship. The Arissola Dojo is the Water- and Wind-type Dojo. Every tamer you fight in there will have a Water-type Temtem with Water techniques. Sophia, the leader of the Dojo, will have two – one being her level 22 Oceara.

Max also has two Water-type Temtem in their lineup, and you want every advantage you can get for this fight. Being able to reduce damage against all these attacks with the Umbrella will give one of your Temtem a massive advantage.

The last reason you want to complete Tourist Guide and get the Umbrella is because once you beat the Arissola Dojo, you’ll get the surfboard. This item gives you access to the waters of Deniz, which are full of Water-type Temtem. You’ll surf around to level up in preparation for your battle with Max, and you’ll want to catch some Water-types for the second island, Omninesia. It’s full of Fire-type Temtem.

Water Type Temtem

If you’re looking for more help with your Temtem journey, you can check out our guide on how to beat Arissola Dojo and Sophia. We’ve also got a guide to help you beat Max. And, if you’re looking to learn more about the stats of Temtem, you can check out our guide on Single Values (SVs) and Training Values (TVs).

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