Temtem Luma Shuine And Tuwai In Saipark

It’s a good week to be a Temtem tamer. The latest Temtem Weekly Reset brings a relatively easy batch of FreeTem rewards to earn, all of which are useful. But you’ll find the real catch this week in the Saipark. It has two of the rarest Temtem in the game wandering around with triple the chance of being Luma.

Temtem Weekly Reset June 15 21

Breeder’s delight – weekly FreeTem rewards

This is one of the easiest weeks Temtem has had for FreeTem rewards. By releasing just 30 Temtem, you can obtain a handy Super Scent. This will help you stroll through areas teeming with Temtem more easily. Releasing 100 Temtem nets you two Weakener Yuzus, which can remove large chunks of unwanted TVs from a Temtem you didn’t train correctly. Or you can sell them for an easy 838 Pansuns.

If you’re a fan of pink, then the Aina Pink dye is a great FreeTem reward. If not, well, there’s no other way to get this dye in the game, so it’s probably quite valuable. Finally, the tier four reward from FreeTem this week is three Vitality DNA Strands. Using these, you can ensure your Temtem has an excellent HP SV stat when breeding.

A dragon and a magical bird – weekly Saipark Temtem

As mentioned, this week sees two very rare Temtem roaming the Saipark. In the wild, they both have an encounter rate of 5%. That’s one in every 20 creatures you encounter. The Saipark encounter rate for the two Temtem is now 20%, four times better than in the wild. Add to that the 3x multiplier to the Luma encounter rate for both Shuine and Tuwai, and the net result is that this is your best chance (by a long, long way) to catch a Luma of one of these creatures.

Of course, it’s still honestly a fairly low chance, so don’t hold out hope for catching a Luma of both. Pick your favorite and get your grind on. I’ll be hunting a Luma Shuine because I already have a good Tuvine (evolved from Tuwai). Plus, Shuine’s Luma recolor is gorgeous. Luma Tuwai looks amazing too, but you’re going to evolve it into Tuvine, which doesn’t look as good. However, when new content for Temtem is released, Tuwai will gain new evolutions. So, you could catch a Luma Tuwai now while your odds are better and evolve it into something other than Tuvine down the road.

Originally, Crema posted that the two Temtem in the Saipark had a 10% chance to possess an Egg Move. However, neither Tuwai nor Shuine can learn any Egg Moves. It turns out the original post was a mistake, and Crema has now corrected it to say 0% chance at an Egg Move.

Regardless, which Saipark Temtem will you hunt for this week?

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