Temtem reveals stats for the first week of Ranked Matchmaking

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The recent Temtem spring update added one of the game’s most anticipated features, Ranked Matchmaking. This mode gives players the chance to test themselves against one another, with the best tamers rising to the top. Ranked Matchmaking has been in Temtem for a week now, and so Crema has released some interesting stats about the mode. It’s also added a key new feature.

Player versus player battles is one of the major, arguably even the main, endgame pursuit for players. Before the introduction of Ranked Matchmaking, players had to find competitive battles through third parties like Discord servers. That was a chore that many didn’t want to undertake. However, the arrival of Ranked Matchmaking gave all players a fairly simple way to get into PvP and injected the game with a timely revitalizing boost.

Ranked Matchmaking stats

That said, the first week’s numbers revealed by Crema will likely continue to increase. Some players are still whipping their Temtem team into fighting shape. Well, not literally whipping. That would be animal cruelty. Still, the sheer number of matches played in one week is quite impressive.

Temtem Ranked Matchmaking Match Stats

The most interesting stat revealed by Crema is which Temtem were the most picked and banned. Interestingly, the most banned are both sweepers – Temtem that you buff and use to wipe your opponent. The most picked Temtem are both supports that you would use to buff and protect your sweepers. You should definitely prioritize picking up and training these four Temtem if you want to get into Ranked Matchmaking.

Temtem Ranked Matchmaking Most Picked And Banned

Crema also revealed the highest TMR (Tamer Matchmaking Rating), but it doesn’t mean much at this point. For interest’s sake, it was 1863.

To cap off the first week of Temtem Ranked Matchmaking, Crema has just released a small update that contains a massive feature. The winner of a ranked match will now receive Pansuns as a reward. That means you won’t have to spend all your time catching and releasing Magmis and Mastiones to make money anymore. Now, all Crema needs to do is reduce the amount of Temtem required for the highest tier FreeTem! Organisation reward.

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