Temtem Pigepic Bamboozle

Over the last few weeks, Crema has been updating some of the underwhelming attack animations in Temtem. They’re not in the game yet, but will be coming in the next big patch. The latest animation to get the update treatment is Pigepic’s signature move, Bamboozle. While the previous animation updates were purely visual, this one also adds a new Status Condition to Temtem.

We’ll take a look at all the new animations at the end, but first, let’s talk about the implications of the new Bamboozle. The major thing that the change has brought is a new Status Condition called Evading. We can safely assume that Evading will cause the next attack on the Temtem affected by the condition to miss – that’s how Bamboozle currently works.


The nicest part about the update to Bamboozle and the new status is that players can now see how many turns Bamboozle (or Evading) has left on their Temtem. It’s a wonderful quality of life update and, once again, shows Crema knows what they’re doing. You can see the new Evading icon in action in the video above.

While it probably wasn’t the intention of the new animation update, Bamboozle actually also receives a buff from it. Temtem can only ever have two Status Conditions at one time. Now that Bamboozle creates the Evading Status Condition, you can use it to remove a negative condition like Poisoned or Asleep if your Temtem already has two on it.

Crema then posted a follow-up tweet providing some insight into the change. Essentially, it will give the developers room to experiment with some new possibilities in the future. And the tweet ends with a very exciting teaser that says “ranked competitive matches coming soon™!”

Temtem animation updates

So far, five other animations in Temtem have been updated and will be arriving with the next patch. They are Oshi-Dashi, Awful Song, Slime, Toxic Slime, and Narcoleptic Hit. All the Techniques have received visual and audio updates and I think they’re fantastic. I’m hoping Crema is still getting around to Feather Gatling. The animation for that technique is seriously lacking in the Gatling department.

Without further ado, check out all the updated Temtem animations below.

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