Temtem Weekly Reset Bigu

With the arrival of the Spring update and Ranked Matchmaking, there is so much to do in Temtem right now. And, as we roll into a new week, the FreeTem! Organisation and Saipark bring even more to keep players busy. This Temtem Weekly Reset focuses on Luma of Bigu and Banapi. Meanwhile, FreeTem has four new rewards in its various tiers.

FreeTem rewards for the week

This week, FreeTem offers more to female characters, with the tier four reward being a female hairstyle called the High-Tie. Of course, there’s no reason it can’t be a male hairstyle too. Some players hoped Crema might lower the number of Temtem needed to release for the tier four reward, but it’s still a massive grind at 600 Temtem.

As for the first and second-tier rewards, they have dropped slightly. This makes little difference, though, as both were easy to get and still are. And the third tier’s SPATK (special attack) Telomere Hacks are definitely worth putting in the effort to get.

Temtem Perfect Sv Mushi

This is the second week we have had the four-tiered reward feature from FreeTem, and it seems to have confirmed the blueprint for the new system. The tier one reward looks like it will always be the cheap consumables used in battle. Tier two will be the fruit that trains TV stats. Tier three appears to always be a Telomere Hack, but it may also be breeding gear. Either way, more Telomere Hacks mean you could realistically use them to create a perfect Temtem. Finally, tier four looks like it will always be a cosmetic item – and, in the future, perhaps house cosmetics too.

Temtem in the Saipark

Luma weeks in the Saipark always seem to go down well in Temtem. However, having had a bunch of 3x and 2.5x multipliers in recent weeks, Luma hunters may feel disappointed by this week’s 2x multiplier. Also, Bigu and Banapi aren’t the most desirable Temtem around – competitively or in terms of popularity. Having said that, the blue flame Banapi and Capyre (Banapi’s evolution) look incredible.

Temtem Luma Banapi

One very good reason to hit up the Saipark and catch Bigu is to complete the quest for the Egg Timer. There is a Temtem Connoisseur in the airship terminal building in Quetzal. If you bring him a Bigu, he will reward you with the Egg Timer. However, the only way to get a Bigu before this week was to breed it from two Babawas. That’s still the cheaper way to get Bigu, but who knows? Maybe you’ll get a Luma if you go the Saipark route.

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