Temtem Weekly Reset: Telemore Hack reward, plus Blooze and Deendre

Temtem Deendre Breeding And Evolution

The Temtem Weekly Reset is here, and it brings with it a FreeTem! Organisation reward you absolutely need to get (two Telomere Hacks for speed). Plus, it provides a lot of chances to catch Blooze and Deendre in the Saipark. This week runs from March 9 to 15, so the clock is already ticking.

Temtem Weekly Reset Saipark March 9 15

FreeTem! Organisation reward

The best thing about this Weekly Reset is the two Telomere Hacks for speed you can get as a reward from FreeTem. To get the two Telomere Hacks, you will need to catch and release 200 creatures – a very achievable amount for any Temtem player.

Temtem Telomere Hack Speed Freetem Reward

Telomere Hacks are currently the only way to permanently increase the SVs of your Temtem, which makes them incredibly valuable. And that is one thing you can do with this week’s reward: sell it for a lot of Pansuns.

However, if you don’t need the cash, the best thing you can do with Telomere Hacks is boost the SVs of a Luma Temtem to the point where it becomes competitively viable. Otherwise, you can also use the Hacks to tidy up a breedject and bump it up to a competitive level. Breedjects are the Temtem left over after you breed a perfect Temtem. They aren’t perfect, but they are often close enough that a few Telomere Hacks can get them the rest of the way.

Luma Raiber

Weekly Saipark Temtem

The Weekly Reset hasn’t done any big favors for the Saipark. The two main Temtem you can capture aren’t rare, they have no boost to their Luma encounter rate, and they have no chance of Egg Moves.

However, if you are looking to breed a perfect Blooze or a Deendre, the Saipark will be popping out ones with at least one max SV fairly regularly. This week is comparable to the week where Kalazu and Raiber were available in the Saipark. But don’t expect any perfect Temtem to grace you with their presence this time around.

If you need help understanding SVs, breeding, or any other aspect of Temtem, you can check out our guides hub.

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