Temtem Weekly Reset Luma Kaku And Saku

The Temtem Weekly Reset for June 29 to July 5 brings with it a lot of good stuff for players. The FreeTem! Organisation is giving away more Telomere Hacks. The Saipark has an excellent encounter rate for the Luma version of the Temtem Kaku. Plus, tamers can catch Hidody with one of its hard to breed Egg Moves.

Almost all players will be able to find something they want to accomplish in Temtem this week. But I think you will struggle to do everything. Prioritize what you want most and start with that.

Temtem Weekly Reset June 29 July 5

FreeTem is handing out more Telomere Hacks

This is the second week in a row that Temtem’s animal rights crusaders are giving away invaluable Telomere Hacks. This week, you can pick up two Hacks for ATK (attack) if you release 475 Temtem. That’s a considerable amount, but doable for any dedicated player.

FreeTem also seems to have got its hands on some unreleased dyes because it’s giving away another dye not found anywhere else in the game. The Lavender Dye is a unique color that will work nicely for with anyone going for a softer look.

Both the SaiCards and Weakener Orange will be attainable for almost all players. I’d recommend you at least release the 150 Temtem necessary for the Oranges. It will make your life a lot easier when you’re training your Temtem.

Lumas, Egg Moves, and Lumas with Egg Moves

At first glance, the main attraction in the Saipark this week looks like the chance to catch a Luma Kaku. With its 100% encounter rate and a triple chance of being Luma, the odds are looking good for this Temtem. However, Hidody has some Egg Moves that are tough to breed. So, if you can catch one sporting one of these Techniques, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Hidody can learn five different Egg Moves. Spores and Water Cutting Lily are simple to get. Hypoxia is irrelevant on the Temtem because it doesn’t benefit from the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) feature. So, the two Egg Moves you want to look out for are Lullaby and Sacrifice. Both can be taught to Hidody by breeding it with a Kinu. However, Kinu doesn’t learn Lullaby from leveling up. You need to breed it with a Houchic or Adoroboros to get it. That makes Lullaby the toughest Egg Move to get and the one I would go for.

Temtem Kisiwa First Look

So, here’s how I recommend you tackle this week. Catch a Hidody with Lullaby. Then catch and release the 475 Temtem needed to earn the Telomere Hacks from FreeTem. Finally, if you still have the willpower, hit the Saipark and try to catch a Luma Kaku. If you ask me, the Temtem Kaku and its evolution, Saku, don’t have particularly appealing Luma recolors. Then you can sit back and wait for the Kisiwa patch.

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