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Temtem received a massive new feature last week in the form of Ranked Matchmaking. However, that update also included changes to the FreeTem! Organisation reward system. Crema didn’t want to disrupt last week’s reset by changing the FreeTem rewards midweek, so it waited for the new week to introduce tiered rewards. The latest Temtem Weekly Reset also sees the new minimum SV (Single Value stats) feature in the Saipark being put to good use.

Temtem Weekly Reset rewards April 13 19

New FreeTem reward system

The update to the FreeTem reward system was one short line in a long list of patch notes. But farming FreeTem is currently one of the main activities players pursue each week. As such, the change is actually a big one. Instead of rewarding players with one item for catching and releasing a set amount of Temtem each week, FreeTem now has four tiers of rewards.

The first tier is very low. Players only need to release 60 Temtem this week to reach it and recieve 10 Smoke Bombs. These are nice to have and something definitely worth getting, but they’re nothing to write home to Deniz about.

The second tier reward is much more useful to tamers, particularly with the recent release of Ranked Matchmaking. If you release 150 Temtem, FreeTem will reward you with four Enhancer Pineapples. These wonderful fruits will each increase the HP (Health) TV (Training Value) of one of your Temtems by 20. And you get four of them.

Temtem Training Values (tvs)

You can max TVs to 500 to increase your Temtem’s power.

The tier three reward is the equivalent of the old Temtem Weekly Reset reward from FreeTem. It requires you to release 300 Temtem in exchange for two Telomere Hacks for HP. Apparently, FreeTem is hitting players with inflation. A few weeks ago, releasing the same amount of Temtem earned you three Telomere Hacks for HP.

The fourth and final tier requires you to release an insane 600 Temtem. That’s a major grind. If you have the willpower to persevere and do this, you can obtain a Sleeveless Top cosmetic. This item would cost you 23,299 Pansuns to purchase, so it is valuable. But you’ve got your work cut out for you trying to get it.

The Sleeveless Top is another example of FreeTem’s inflated requirements. Not too long ago, players could earn the Green Dot T-shirt as a FreeTem reward for releasing just 275 Temtem. Tamers may need to go on strike soon.

Saipark Weekly Reset

Temtem Weekly Reset Saipark Kaku And Lapinite

The Temtem inhabiting the Saipark this week have been overshadowed by the updated FreeTem system. However, this week is the first one that makes good use of the new minimum SV feature. Previously, Temtem in the park had a minimum total SV number. That meant you could still end up with a Temtem with one or two very bad SV stats.

This week, the lowest SV stat you will get on a Saku is 26, and on a Lapinite it will be 24. That’s not bad at all. These Temtem would be excellent to use in the story. Plus, with a little bit of breeding, you’ll have those Temtem ready for Ranked Matchmaking. Not that either Saku or Lapinite are part of the current PvP meta, but at least you can easily give them a try.

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