Ten of the Best Modern Warfare 3 Custom Classes

Custom classes are as much part of the heart and soul of Modern Warfare 3 (in fact, any of this generation’s Call of Duty games) as the maps, the kill/death ratios and the homophobic insults. 
Below we’ve highlighted ten classes that you may want to try, either to mix up your own play style or simply see how bad our recommendations reduce your success rate. Each has been setup to provide something a little different from the rest and to appeal to as many play styles and game types as possible. 
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The Average Joe

Primary: G36C (Profiency: Attachments x2 – Attachments: Heartbeat Sensor, Red Dot Sight/Holographic Sight)
Secondary: MP9 (Attachment: Red Dot Sight)
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Flash Grenade
Perk 1: Recon
Perk 2: Hardline
Perk 3: SitRep
Strike Package: (Support) UAV>Airdrop Trap>Sam Turret
Death Streak: Final Stand

As the name suggest, this class should serve you well in most situations and in most of the standard playlists. The G36C (with either the Red Dot or Holographic sight) is an excellent medium range weapon that, because it’s fully-automatic, can often work quite nicely in close range situations.
The Semtex is easier to control than the standard Frag Grenade and Hardline will let you bring in your support quickly and often. More experienced players may want to edit this class and replace the Support Strike Package with an Assault variation. Less confident players should stick to Support, though, as it doesn’t punish you for dying. 
The Snake

Primary: SCAR-L (Profiency: Attachments x2 – Attachments: Silencer and Extended Mags)
Secondary: MP9 (Attachment: Silencer)
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Smoke Grenade
Perk 1: Blind Eye 
Perk 2: Assassin
Perk 3: SitRep
Strike Package: (Assault) UAV > Precision Airstrike > Strafe Run 
Death Streak: Final Stand

If you’re a ‘Hardcore only’ player this class should work out quite nicely. Use the SCAR-L as a burst fire weapon with quick taps of the trigger and it’s as accurate as anything else in the game barring sniper rifles. With both weapons silenced and with Blind Eye and Assassin working to keep you off the enemy’s radar you should (with careful play) be able traverse maps undetected. SitRep provides a little extra protection as you shouldn’t be caughty unawares by Claymores or Bouncy Bettys.  

The Sprinter

Primary: UMP45 (Profiency: Kick – Attachment: Rapid Fire)
Secondary: Skorpion (Profiency: Akimbo)
Lethal: Frag
Tactical: Flash Grenade
Perk 1: Extreme Conditioning
Perk 2: Hardline
Perk 3: Steady Aim
Strike Package: (Assault) UAV>Predator Missile>Attack Helicopter
Death Streak: Martyrdom

Playing cautious is all well and good, but sometimes we all want to just jump straight into the action. Extreme Conditioning will allow you to ambush the enemy in positions they may not have yet set up defenses for, while the UMP45 is great for close range/multiple enemy exchanges.
Hardline adds an extra little bonus and will allow you to call in the Predator Missile and Attack Helicopter without too much effort. Plus, Martyrdom is great for scoring a bonus kill as you’ll usually be up-close and personal with the enemy that kills you. Get some practice with the flash grenade for this class as, if used correctly, it can assist in a couple of kills every time. Effective in games of Domination and Kill Confirmed.
The One Shot

Primary: L118A (Proficiency: Impact – Attachment: Thermal)  
Secondary: P99 (Attachment: Tactical Knife)
Lethal: Claymore
Tactical: Tactical Insertion
Perk 1: Blind Eye
Perk 2: Assassin 
Perk 3: Marksman 
Strike Package: (Support) UAV>Advanced UAV>Stealth Bomber
Death Steak: Revenge

For those whole like their bad guys to go down with a single shot there’s no better option than the L118A bolt-action sniper rifle. On normal playlists (i.e. non-Hardcore modes) the gun will put an enemy down with a single shot to the head or torse, if two guys happen to be lined up in single file it’ll put them both to sleep. By concentrating your strike package on UAVs you should always have a good understanding of where the action is taking place and move to a suitable vintage point.
Good for Search and Destroy, Headquarters and all Hardcore modes.
The Madman

Primary: AA-12 (Profiency: Damage – Attachment: Grip)
Secondary: XM25
Lethal: Frag
Tactical: Flash Grenade
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand
Perk 2: Blast Shield
Perk 3: Stalker
Strike Package: (Assault) Care Package>Attack Helicopter>Strafe Run
Death Streak: Martyrdom

Shotguns can be difficult to use on more open maps, so we’d suggest you only use this class on the smaller arenas and/or those with lots of interior sections. The AA-12 packs excellent power, and it’s semi-automatic so you don’t need to worry too much if you miss your first shot. Sleight of Hand prevents you coming unstuck when reloading and Blast Shield provides valuable protection against grenades and allows you to get in close quickly without searching for cover.
The XM25 adds some long range function to the class while Martyrdom (as in ‘The Sprinter’ class) should score a few kills thanks to the short range nature of the class. Good for Team Deathmatch, Ground War and Free-For-All.

The Professional

Primary: M16A4 (Proficiency: Impact – Attachment: Silencer)
Secondary: P99 (Attachment: Silencer)
Lethal: C4
Tactical: Smoke Grenade
Perk 1: Blind Eye
Perk 2: Assassin
Perk 3: SitRep
Strike Package: (Specialist) Scavenger>QuickDraw>Dead Silence
Death Streak: Revenge

The Specialist Strike Package doesn’t provide that same instant gratification as the Support or Assault types, but it can work wonders for veteran players that employ a slowler, more considered pace. Blind Eye, Assassin and silencers will keep you invisible to all equipment/radars, SitRep will prevent untimely deaths at the hands of Claymores posted at doorways and Scavenger will provide all the ammo you need – preventing you from having to go on the hunt for a weapon prematurely. 
In the hands of the right player, this class can be effetive in all game modes other than (perhaps) Free-For-All.
The Battering Ram 

Primary: Riot Shield
Secondary Primary: PP90M1 (Profiency: Kick) 
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: EMP Grenade
Perk 1: Extreme Conditioning
Perk 2: Overkill
Perk 3: Steady Aim
Strike Package: (Assault) Care Package>Sentry Gun>Reaper
Death Streak: Martyrdom

This class is incredibly difficult to use (we can barely managed more than three kills in a row with it), but it’s also a lot of fun and offers something completely different. Unless you really have got a death wish, we recommend using Overkill (the ability to carry two primary wepaons) whenever using the Riot Shield. In all honesty, any Sub Machine Gun will do but the PP90M1 looks good and its high rate of fire is handy when enemies inevitably try to surround you because of your Riot Shield.
Extreme Conditioning can prove invaluable for cutting the distance between enemies that haven’t spotted you, allowing you to inflict the ever-satisfying shield bash. Which game modes is it good for? None. 

The Bully

Primary: PKP Pecheneg (Profinecy: Impact – Attachment: Grip)
Secondary: Javelin
Lethal: Frag Grenade
Tactical: Smoke Grenade
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand
Perk 2: Hardline
Perk 3: Stalker
Strike Package: (Assault) Attack Helicopter>Pave Low>Juggernaut
Death Streak: Hollow Points

There’s nothing like a Light Machine Gun to make the enemy think the world is on the verge of collapse. Pin them down with the gun and fire a Javelin missile into their midsts and the will to fight will soon leave them.
Continue the onslaught with the frag grenade and use the smoke grenade as a wall to cover yourself as you move positions and you should be on your way to some high scores (possibly even the elusive Juggernaught reward). Sleight of Hand is almost essential given the long reload time of all the Light Machine Guns.
The Bully can be a very effective class on any of the objective based game modes providing you can find yourself a good position overlooking a flag/base/bomb. 

The Camper

Primary: CM901 (Proficiency: Attachments x2 – Attachments: Heartbeat Sensor, Grenade Launcher)
Secondary: FMG9 (Attachment: Extended Mags)
Lethal: Claymore
Tactical: Scrambler
Perk 1: Blind Eye
Perk 2: Assassin 
Perk 3: Marksman
Strike Package: (Assault) UAV>Strafe Run>AC-130
Death Streak: Dead Man’s Hand

If you prefer to hole up in an area and wait for the bad guys to come to you then you’ll want to stay invisible to avoid being snuck up upon – hence the inclusion of Blind Eye and Assassin. Most areas of most maps have at least two entrance points, which is where the Claymore comes in useful; blocking one of those and allowing you to concentrate on the other. 
The CM901 and its grenade launcher is a decent medium/long range option for shooting distant enemies from windows while the FMG9 should suffice more than adequately in more confined spaces. The Heartbeat Sensor will allow you to keep track of enemy movements before they’re aware of you. Camping can lead to some high scores when done right which explains the rather lofty Strike Package setup.
Good for Team Deathmatch and Domination.
The Jackal

Primary: Dragunov (Profiency: Stability – Attachment: Variable Zoom Scope)
Secondary: MP9 (Attachment: Extended Mags)
Lethal: Claymore
Tactical: Scrambler
Perk 1: Scavenger
Perk 2: QuickDraw
Perk 3: Steady Aim
Strike Package: (Support) Counter UAV>Stealth Bomber>Escort Airdrop
Death Streak: Hollow Points

A more mobile sniper class than ‘The One Shot’, this is great for those of you with fast reaction speeds and a thirst for head shots. The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle which, when combined with Steady Aim and Stability, can lead to more than a few head shots from close range. When things get a little hot you can always hang back, set up your Claymore and do a little ‘proper’ sniping. 
The MP9 adds some versatility to proceedings and is valuable when scouting buildings to check if they’re a safe sniper nest.

Paul Younger

Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

  • Cookjaxon

    really u cant say what classes are best u might be good with them but we might not so use what ever guns you r good at but i would prefere the type 95 2 attachments,red dot(rapid fire)mp9(silencer) p1:blind eye,p2:hardline,p3:marksman,strike package:assault:predator missile, attack helicopter, reaper, i only use such close strike packs is cause only with 2 or 3 kills more i have th other, and dstreak hollow points any questions send message to xbox360 gamertag: (cookjaxon) no caps or spaces

  • COD Pro :P

    I wanted to also note that the best class for the riot shield is actually the G36I have the specialist with it and have gotten 8 kill streaks because it take .25 seconds to actually pull out the G36 and the reload rate is faster than all guns. The PP90 on the other hand is the slowest to load of all sub machine guns (sprayers). Baby monitors (portable radars) are also a good idea for face off,

    Ideal Face OFF class:
    Type 95 (red dot and rapid fire Cook actually gave a really good suggestion)
    mp9 akimbo (this can be whatever you want)
    Sleight of Hand (absolutely ideal because the bulpups take so long to reload and pull out)

    Assassin pro (baby monitors are usually all over the map in fact 3 portable radars can cover the whole map)

    Sitrep Pro (People love to put up claymores and mines and even C4 around the map)

    Semtex or C4 (very good explosives)
    Tactical Insertion (good for respawning near the enemy and finding out where they are if they destroy it)

    Support- Advanced UAV- Stealth Bomber- EMP
    Specialist: Scavenger- Quickdraw- Stalker
    Assault- Don’t even think of using this, too many campers and noob tubers -__-

  • Jack Cornish

    This is the worst classes I have ever seen and im not exaggerating

  • Trooppoort2000

    Name: Offense

    Primary: SCAR-L: Red Dot, Silencer
    Secondary: SMAW

    Lethal: Symtex
    Tactical: Portable Radar

    Perk 1: Blind Eye
    Perk 2: Assasin
    Perk 3: Stalker

    Death streak: Hollow Points

  • gamer

    really dragunov

    • Modern Master

      I agree completely rather use the MSR:stabity (attachmets) extended mags and silencer thats my fav sniper classand I get lots of kills without an effort

      • Prestige16uMad?

        Really. A silenced sniper? Wow.

        • Modern Master

          Well yeah its a way i play, i play with a lot of silenced guns it works great in black ops when the radar is off and people cant see you when you shoot. Although it does take the damage away because of the less range but it still works great because i never camp on far places


    TYPE 95 is the best weapon by far use attachments silencer and rapid fire and u will get loads of moabs

  • Stake

    This is ultimately the worst list of custom classes for Modern Warfare 3 I have ever encountered. Half of the combinations of guns, perks and killstreaks suggested do not even accent one another. You failed to include Stalker (one of the best perks in the game) and many of the guns that the mass of the Modern Warfare 3 community uses. After reading the suggestions for the first class and scoffing, I only continued further to gaze upon this ridiculousness that you call an article. Thanks for the laugh, but no thank you for wasting my time.

  • ddtheawesomeone

    my personal favorite class for legit players or modders would be… mk14: impact or breath prof with rapidfire quickdraw slight of hand and marksman c4 and portable strike is specialist goes in this order: scavenger stalker then assassin everything else you can customise ign:::::::: devinatordye

  • Element

    If you’re not using Slight of Hand and Quickdraw, you are doing it wrong!

  • VarmenT-9

    sry but i have to say this, your classes are so bad! i can tell u the best classes. Here they are:

    if u want fucking powerful rush class USE:

    E-magz and rapid fire

    secondary: FMG ACIMBO

    perks: 1st SOH PRO 2nd QD PRO 3rd Steady aim PRO

    equipment: C4 lethal: portable radar

    Assault streaks: predator missile, reaper, pawe low

    if u want a MOAB or a really long streak USE:

    supressor and E-magz

    secondary: mp9 with supressor

    Perks: 1st scavenger pro 2nd hardline pro 3rd stalker pro

    equipment: C4 lethal: portable radar

    specialist: 1st SOH pro, 2nd assasin pro, 3rd QD pro

    if u want a deadly silced but very strong class USE:


    supressor and E-magz

    secondary: mp9 supressor

    Perks: 1st SOH pro, 2nd hardline pro, 3rd stalker pro

    equipment: C4 lethal: portable radar

    specialist: 1st assasin pro, 2nd scavenger pro, 3rd steady aim pro

    These are very good classes but it isn’t enough that u have good classes, u need to be also very good player who can listen foot steps and do a perfect drop shot!! ha hah xD I almost forget sensivity 9 is good 😀

  • Rifleo_Cod

    Heeyy 😀 Use G36C Silencer with Extended mags. Skorpion with akimbo attachment is quite useful when you want your last kill ;D. Lethal: Throwing Knife. Tactical: Concussion. In perks, use Sleight of Hand, Hardline and Steady Aim. Death streak is Hollow points. Killstreaks are: C-UAV, Advanced UAV and EMP.