Bluehole Studios has sent over new media for their upcoming MMORPG TERA. The new media looks at the the Archer and Sorceror classes as they go head to head. Included are two new videos and a batch of sceens and info on how these teo classes .


One of the few commonly shared passions of the archer and sorcerer is long-range combat fighting: keeping your distance makes victory a breeze. However, if you should find yourself within reaching distance of your opponent, or even find yourself cornered, your survival will be decided on a second to second basis amid the flying blades. In the long run, light armour provides very little protection so sorcerers teleport themselves outside of the danger zone at lightning speed to take another stab at it with a little more breathing space. This is when they employ their icy lance which holds their rival at bay and freezes them to the spot. Now is when you make full use of the sorcerer’s magical potential. Using their primary weapon, the mystical disk, sorcerers channel rapid fireballs or explosion balls which release their full might at a more leisurely pace. Whether in a group or as a powerful solo fighter, opponents have little chance of survival if they don’t keep their backs covered against the sorcerer’s fiery might.

On the battlefields of TERA streaming arcane magic is channeled with meticulous precision. Whereas sorcerers rely on their mastery of the elements, archers depend solely on their training with the bow and arrow. In battle they skillfully outmanoeuvre their opponents to reach the ideal vantage point from where they can get their adversary squarely in their sights. The longer they concentrate on their target, the more accurate and devastating their strike will be. When an archer is involved, there is no such thing as safety in numbers since their volleys of arrows can strike down even large groups of foes. In addition, their talent for setting traps is their own personal life insurance policy since the incapacitating poisons they use can keep enemies from even approaching. They are truly an  excellent addition to any group of adventurers needing some powerful support.

 But the choice is up to the player – both classes require high levels of concentration and engagement with the action-laden gameplay

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