Terraria Journey's End Release Date Boss Battle update

It is said that all good things eventually come to an end. Terraria, the charming 2D survival game is set to have its final major update release in about a month. Journey’s End is the fourth major update for the game, and the last. But it will come with plenty of fresh content and goodies to keep you invested, and it’ll be free. Terraria: Journey’s End will be available on May 16.

Despite being the last update for the game, Journey’s End promises near endless hours of more entertainment. Celebrating Terraria‘s ninth anniversary, Journey’s End will include around 800 new items to craft or discover, as well as enemies to beat, and a new difficulty mode. It’s a big chunk of content, and it’s made all the sweeter knowing it’ll be free. Well, free if you already own the game. But c’mon. Terraria has been kicking since 2011, and the likelihood you’ve picked it up in one Steam sale or another is fairly high (that’s how I got it).

Journey’s End has more than just things to collect and smack around, of course. The revamped world generation promised by Re-Logic means new biomes to explore, as well as “overall improvements.” Speaking of improvements, quality of life has been enhanced as well.

What the, golf?

Oh, and there’s golf now. Yes, just in case you ever find yourself listless with all the crafting and face-punching the Moon Lord, Terraria: Journey’s End will allow you to take a few swings on the green. Re-Logic hasn’t exactly explained how it would work, only saying, “That’s right, Golf. Trust us, it is insanely fun.” Alright.

With Terraria finally winding down, one wonders what’s next for Re-Logic. After all, the developer has certainly had its hands full with the game. In the Q&A section of the reveal, the team set out to answer that question. Naturally, the developer is moving forward with its next game.

“We do not yet know what this will be – and it may not even be a Terraria title – so expect a time of silence from us on that front until we are ready to share more what we decide to pursue.”

Terraria is available on PC via the Steam and GOG stores. For more on the Journey’s End update, hit up the official page.

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