The Re Announced Terraria Finally Gets A Release Date On Google Stadia (2)

With Google Stadia facing an uncertain future due to the closure of its internal studios, fans of the service could really do with some good news. It certainly didn’t help that news broke out of an ongoing dispute with developer Re-Logic. The situation led to an initial cancellation of the Terraria port for the cloud gaming service. However, after a bunch of back and forth, Terraria now has a release date of March 18 for Stadia.

The dispute all began after Terraria creator Andrew Spinks found his Google account locked for some reason. Re-Logic’s YouTube account was also affected due to its association with Spinks’ account. As has been the case with many other users across the internet, Google failed to provide an explanation or reason as to why the action was taken. There was no way of reverting the lock either.


Spinks tried to resolve the issue for a good three weeks before going public with his problem. He announced on February 8 that the Terraria Stadia port would be cancelled. Re-Logic refused to support a company that inexplicably hindered its business operations.

With both fans and the studio rallying against Google, the Stadia team stepped in. Google restored Spinks’ account about a month later. With the episode behind them, Re-Logic re-announced Terraria for Google Stadia, albeit without a release date.

The Re Announced Terraria Finally Gets A Release Date On Google Stadia

Paved with obstacles

The road to getting the action-adventure sandbox game onto Stadia has been nothing but hard. After all, Terraria is one of the more popular games in its genre, and having it on Google Stadia will be a great boost to the cloud gaming service. It is already on almost every platform. Not having it on Stadia would only cause more issues for Stadia’s marketing.

Fault may not be with the Stadia team, but Google should have known better than to think this would have gone down quietly. With a March 18 release date in hand, you can start preparing to stream Terraria on Google Stadia really soon.

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