Testing heroes: Marvel Heroes test server launches

Marvel Heroes

Gazillion is now ready to test new Marvel Heroes features with the launch of a new test servers this evening.

The main feature they will be testing on the servers, which a re running v1.1, is the new Eternity Splinters currency which can be redeemed for new heroes.  The test server also comes with a new downloader which will hopefully do away with the terrible BitRaider downloader.

Gazillion posted the following notes regarding test server accounts.

  • Player accounts and current game data are two separate things. Having an account on Test Center allows you to login, but game data is your current progress in the Live game.
  • Player accounts have been copied to Test Center for everyone who registered a Marvel Heroes account up until yesterday (July 22nd). This means if you created an account before then, you can login to Test Center.
  • Game data has been copied to Test Center from last Friday, July 19th. Any progress you have made in the Live game since then will not be reflected on your Test Center account.
  • You have been granted 2,000Gs on your Test Center account to purchase items and, well, test with.
  • None of your progress, nor Gs, will ever be transferred back to the Live game.

Players wanting to try the v1.1 patch features such as the Eternity Splinters and a new end-game zone called ‘Midtown Patrol’ can download the client and read a new FAQ on this page.

Thanks RPGReporter.

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