June 22nd, 2017

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure delayed to May

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure delayed to May
Tesla Effect - 2
This poor lady is most displeased with the delay.

Tex Murphy’s return to your computer screens will not actually be taking place today, as it’s been delayed to 7 May.

Big Finish Games and Atlus have let their backers know that Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, which was originally scheduled to release today, has been pushed back a couple of weeks for a bit of last-minute polish. The news comes via a lengthy video which includes both a tour of the Big Finish offices and a little word from Tex Murphy himself – Chris Jones – who explains the delay.

Have a looksee at the video below. We will, I’d imagine, have a review of Tesla Effect itself sometime around launch.

Tim McDonald

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    • George Broussard

      Well well well, the Tex fan boys must be really hurting now because they’re not getting the game that they paid to have made. I cannot believe how far this lame, derivative, hipster inspired fad of a resurrection project has come. Fans need to adapt to the idea that the gaming industry now is not what it was in the 1990s and there is absolutely NO FUTURE in these games, NOBODY WANTS THEM! Boring, boring, boring. If you’re going to put your money toward a game being made, at least make it a good one. Idiots. Let’s hope between now and the release the master is destroyed and it can’t be released aahahahah…poor Atlas.

      • Tim McDonald

        This is so ironic you could make a helmet out of it.

        • George Broussard

          0 dislikes to George’s comment, 4 dislikes to Tim’s. Ironic indeed. George = win.

    • Jonny O

      Oh wow! I just found out about this and the original series is one of my all time favorites. This is going to be awesome!