Tamer Asfahani speaks to Test Drive Unlimited 2 producer Nour Polloni about what we can expect from the game. Expect info on progression aspects, the business model, motorcycles, a mode involving police, and a whole lot more.
So, the game’s set on Ibiza and Hawaii…
We have a reason why these are the major islands that you’ll have in the game. At least for today! [Laughs] At least for today? So we can expect to see more islands shipped with the game, or will they be part of the DLC package?
On the first day we’ll have these two islands, and following the community feedback, if they would like to have more islands to explore and there’s a big demand for that, then that’s something we could look into, definitely.
So what’ve you been going for with Test Drive Unlimited 2, in terms of the massively multiplayer aspects?
The idea is that we really want to build the spirit of the guild, so you’ll only be able to join one club at a time. Your objective is really to push your club to be the number one, worldwide.
I’ve been hearing rumours that there are going to be tracks set around the airports…
We do have a racing school, which is on an airport, so you’ll be able to do some tests to get some licenses which is linked to your competition advancement. That will be on an airport.
Now, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an MMO, but it’s an MMO without a subscription fee…?
We don’t do any subscription model for the MMOs, especially because of the console aspect. We wanted the players not to feel obliged to pay a subscription to play Test Drive Unlimited 2. For us it was more about the downloadable content. We’re looking more at micro-transactions for the business model, for this game.
How do players progress through the game?
The top ranking is composed of four different means to progress in the game, so you have competition aspects, which is mainly the challenges and championships that you can do offline. You will have the discovery element, you will have the social aspects, and the collection. To be able to reach the top level of your global level up, you will need to play offline and online.
Tell me about one of your favourite aspects. What do you think is really cool and original about Test Drive Unlimited 2?
I love the fact that we’ve added in new online gameplay, which is the co-operative game mode, and the possibility to team up with your friend inside the car and be able to share the experience, driving together, and discovering new areas together. That’s really, I think, a unique experience.
So what can we expect from Test Drive Unlimited 2 in the future?
There is one thing that I know the community really would like to have, and we won’t be able to have it on day one, which is the bikes. Concerning the bikes, we didn’t want to ruin the experience for the players, because we’ve completely changed the car dynamics so that it’s more powerful, more control on the car dynamics, and we wanted to make sure that was perfect before we go into the motorcycle dynamics.
But you are expecting to go into the motorcycles?
We are definitely going to provide motorcycles in DLC.
So what else can you tell us about?
You might have noticed when we did the demonstration that you have an infringement bar, so there will be something very special linked to the police mode in the game.
I was going to ask you about the police! Do they chase you?
You’ll find that out later on. [Laughs] A policeman rammed us in the backside and drove off…
Oh, yeah. Yeah, there will be a game mode linked to the police, but we won’t say much more about it yet!

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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