Test Drive Unlimited 2 Set In Ibiza

Further details on Test Drive Unlimited 2 have appeared online.
The news comes from AllGamesBeta, which has a translation of an article from a foreign magazine.
What is the news, you ask? For starters, Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be set on Ibiza, as opposed to the first game’s Oahu setting. Apparently, this means that the playable area is 2.5 times bigger, and has a greater variety of terrain through forests, plains, mountains, ruins, and cities. We’re guessing it also means a lot of shit music.
The mag scans also reveal that there’ll be co-op support, with one player acting as map reader, and SUVs, so that you can drive off-road and explore the island a bit more. Don’t forget the real damage models, either.
Test Drive Unlimited 2, a sequel to the rather popular MMO driving game, was announced two weeks ago and is due out towards the end of this year. And it’s set in Ibiza. Gnnng.