It seems like Kickstarter projects are a dime a dozen these days. To stand out against the crowd, you usually to present some sort of shtick, something that other games haven’t done or done well. Testament: The Order of the High Human is one of those projects that is competing for your wallet and time. Its mix of magic and melee combat brings something slightly different to the table.

Sweet bo staff

One of the key elements to Testament is found deep in the introduction video for the project. The developers at Fairyship Entertainment take a few turns passing the torch to describe what makes their upcoming title unique. This dystopian world is known as Tessara, and to combat its evils, you’ll need a morphing bo staff.

Watching the video, you’ll see how the bo staff can change into a single-handed sword and even a traditional bow. The developers continue showcasing some of the melee and magic combat that you can expect in Testament, which seems much more fleshed out than anticipated.

Where to next?

Fairyship Games revealed that they are about $1 million USD into the development cost of the game so far. They now seek an additional $45,000 to continue development. However, it should be noted that Testament will most likely release on Steam’s Early Access platform too. If you browse some of the comments for the Kickstarter campaign, you can see this addressed there as well. You’ll also see that someone must really believe in the project, as they’ve backed the campaign for $2,000. This also allows you to become a 3D model in-game and attend its launch party IRL. Admittedly, that’s quite a bit of cash for something that might never get off of the ground. But, well, to each their own.

Testament: The Order of the High Human is now live on Kickstarter. You should also note that Testament will focus on a single-player campaign, not having multiplayer as a focus as co-op does “not fit the games [sic] narrative.” This was noted on the Kickstarter page’s comments section in a response to an inquiry about online play.

At the time of writing this, Testament has over $16,600 pledged towards its $45,000 goal. The official launch is slated for May 2020, though it is unclear if this means Steam’s Early Access platform or its full retail release. Console versions are also planned for the future and may follow the PC release.

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