Valve has revealed two new Soldier weapons and one new Demoman weapon, along with each class’s achievements, in the latest WAR update.The WAR update, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading IncGamers over the last few days, is updating the Soldier and the Demoman, with one special weapon for whichever class kills the other the most before the update ends.Right now, the gap between the kills for each class is closing rapidly. Demomen have been behind every day since the WAR started, and now the tallies are at 5,727,928 Soldiers killed, to 5,742,720 Demomen killed, which is a difference of only 14,792. The Propaganda Contest played into this, certainly, but even before that was factored in the scores must have been ludicrously close.It’s the weapons you’re really interested in, though, because you are sensible people who like murdering others in virtual environments. Well, the Demoman will be getting the Scottish Resistance, a sticky bomb launcher for “the thinking Demoman.” This sticky bomb launcher has three major traits: it can lay down twice as many sticky bombs as the regular version, it can destroy enemy sticky bombs, and it lets you detonate whichever group of sticky bombs you like by detonating the group in the direction you’re looking. If you’ve ever wanted to mine two passages at once, now’s your chance. Sadly, it “comes at a price, just like real thinking” – it’s going to be less effective for air bursts and close-range combat, as each bomb takes 0.4 seconds longer to prime.The Soldier has had two new bits of equipment revealed, the first being the Equalizer, a pickaxe that actually becomes more dangerous based on how much damage the player has taken. It’s a melee weapon that – based on how low your health is – lets you move faster and do more damage. Crikey. The other piece of gear the Soldier gets is the Buff Banner, a secondary-slot item. With this equipped, any damage the soldier deals boost a rage bar. When that’s full, the Soldier can pull out a bugle and sound a cry to war, which lets any nearby teammate deal mini-criticals for a full 14 seconds.There’s also the usual smattering of achievements that you can see on the class pages themselves, but we have a few favourites. For the Soldier, we’re fans of For Whom the Shell Trolls, which requires players to “Bounce an opponent into the air with a rocket and then kill them with the shotgun before they land,” as well as Mutually Assured Destruction – “Kill an enemy sniper with a rocket after he kills you.” For the Demoman, we adore Shorn Connery – “Decapitate a cloaked Spy” – and There Can Be Only One, asking you to “Decapitate your nemesis.” We like decapitations, really.The update is due live soon, with the WAR coming to a close within, we believe, the next 24 hours. Good luck to all IncGamers Demomen and Soldiers.

    Paul Younger
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