The next unlockable for Team Fortress 2’s Sniper has been announced.In what’s really truly probably maybe the final update announced before the Sniper vs Spy pack is released, the Sniper has become a master of Jarate, better described as “Jar-based karate.” Or “pissing in a jar and throwing it at people,” if you’re not a fan of brevity.”But what will that do?” you cry. “Does the Sniper perhaps wee napalm?” No, but any enemies splashed take 35% more damage for a time, and it shorts out the cloaking devices of enemy spies. If you want to pee on your friends, then throwing one of these jars at them will extinguish any flames on them.And then, naturally, come the requisite 35 achievements:Australian RulesBe EfficientBe PoliteBeaux and ArrowsConsolation PrizeDead ReckoningDe-sentry-lizedDropped DeadEnemy at the GateFriendship is GoldenHave a PlanJarate ChopJarring TransitionJumper StumperKill Everyone You MeetKook the SpookMy Brilliant CareerNot a Crazed Gunman, DadNumber One AssistantParting ShotPincushionRain on Their ParadeRobbin’ HoodRode Hard, Put Away WetSaturation BombingSelf-destruct SequenceShaftedShock TreatmentShoot the BreezeSocket to HimThe Last WaveTriple PreyTrust Your FeelingsUberectomyWilliam Tell OverkillNo word on how to obtain them, but we’re sure you can take a few educated guesses.This might be the last announcement before the pack’s release. As for everything else included, we’ve heard that the Sniper is getting a Huntsman longbow and a Razorback backstab protector, the Spy is getting some new Spy watches to aid his stealth and the Ambassador handgun to impact enemy health (and, of course, achievements) and one new game mode and two new maps will be added. Whew.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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