TF2 Sniper Update Adds Spy Unlockables

Valve’s forthcoming Team Fortress 2 Sniper update is adding in Spy unlockables too.In typical Spy fashion, today’s update page has been commandeered by the ski mask-wearing rogue following his backstabbing of the Sniper.Two items are promised, both shown in the form of a mail order catalogue that the Spy has been leafing through. The first, the “Dead Ringer” Spy watch, cloaks the spy the instant he’s hit and creates a fake body which “dies,” leaving a corpse on the ground. It lasts for eight seconds, which should be plenty of time for the spy to sneak up and remove his would-be murderer.The second, the “Cloak and Dagger” Spy watch, allows the Spy to remain invisible indefinitely – as long as he’s not moving.This follows the announcements from the last three days, which have showcased the Sniper’s Huntsman longbow and Razorback shield, in addition to news of a new game mode and two new maps.