Valve has shown off the first Soldier weapon to be added in the WAR update.Along with the Soldier comic explaining the continuing plot of the update which began with the Administrator comic, Valve has revealed the Direct Hit rocket launcher.The Direct Hit varies from the regular rocket launcher in that it’s a rocket launcher designed to hit one thing at a time: it has a 70% smaller blast radius, but the rockets it fires move 80% faster and do 25% more damage. If you’re all about the splash radius, it won’t do much, but if you can actually hit the targets you aim at, this could be the weapon for you.Oh, and if it hits an airborne target, it deals a guaranteed mini-crit. Nice.The Soldier is still in the lead in the current WAR tally, but the gap is closing quickly, with 4,923,531 Soldiers killed to 5,056,134 Demomen. With the WAR ending on Thursday, there’s easily still time for an upset.If you don’t want what this whole WAR update thing is, then you’ll want to have a look at this page, and if you’ve been following it but don’t know what the Eyelander or the Close Combat Kit are, take a look at this.

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