TF2 Spy Update Promises Aggressive Negotiations

The potentially final unlockable in the upcoming TF2 Sniper/Spy update has been announced.The update, expected to hit this week and mostly likely tomorrow, will contain the “Ambassador” – a pistol for the Spy.Calling it a pistol is a bit of an understatement, though, as to take the official site‘s description of the weapon: “Put two wheels on this thing and it’s a cannon.”The Ambassador has the ammo count of a revolver and the accuracy of a sniper rifle (and a barrel engraving of your enemy’s mother) but it’s so big it has to cool off between shots. Monsieur Valve, with this Ambassador, you’re really spoiling us.The update also packs in a Huntsman longbow and Razorback backstab protection for the Sniper, two new watches for the Spy, a new game mode and two new maps, and, of course, a host of new achievements.