The August Rogue Company patch update has landed

Rogue Company

Following a period of downtime, a Rogue Company patch update was released. The patch update has addressed various bug fixes, general updates, map updates, and more. Although Rogue Company is still in the beta phase, it is promising to see that Hi-Rez Studios is continuously improving the game. Also, the company has quickly responded to player feedback as it implemented the penalty system for quitters in this patch. This will come into effect if a player has left the match, or has been AFK for 2 minutes. Lastly, it applies to a player who has disconnected for at least 5 minutes before a match has ended.

Have you ever upgraded the wrong perk and realized you have spent all your cash? Now you can utilize the new undo purchase feature in the item shop. Improvements have been made to these weapons and gadgets in the item shop. This includes the radius of the flashbang increasing from 7m to 8m. Moreover, a level 1 upgrade to a semtex now includes an increase in throw speed and stuck damage. In terms of weapons, the Striker  8X10’s damage range has been increased. Anvil’s level 3 upgrade of the LMG has been nerfed to reduce how effective it was. Other general updates include keybinding options for left handed players and colorblindness features.

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Could the Rogue Company patch be game changing?

In regards to game modes, in Strikeout, the bleedout rate has increased from 9 seconds to 12 seconds. Ultimately, this provides more time for your teammates to revive you. In addition, the radius in which spawns can be influenced by friendly players and enemies has also been increased. Some maps have also undergone some changes; for example, there are new visual features on Vice. The maps factory and Icarus have adjusted spawn locations in Strikeout. On the other hand, the top of the High Castle stairs have been re-propped and players can no longer utilize the shelving unit in the Favelas garage. As well as this, many Rogues have experienced changes. A prominent issue that saw Anvil’s barricade recharge in Demolition matches has also been fixed.

Rogue Company Patch Map

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