The best attackers in Overwatch 2 – DPS tier list

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Attackers are the most picked heroes in Overwatch 2 right now. The game has evolved enough to put the limelight back on the attackers and away from the tanks. Choosing an attacker hero might be daunting since there’s a lot to choose from, so we created this list to help you pick the best attacker heroes in Overwatch 2.

The best attackers in Overwatch 2


  • Sombra
  • Sojourn


Sombra best attackers dps overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard

Since her release, Sombra has been one of the best heroes in Overwatch. But her gameplay is now evolving after her damage to hacked enemies was increased. She’s now played more as a finisher due to the passive skill that makes her see injured enemies rather than a disruptor. With the buff on her hack and passive skills, injured enemies have a lower chance of surviving when encountering Sombra.


Sojourn best attackers dps overwatch 2

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Putting Sojourn in S-tier might be controversial since she tends to perform better the higher up the ladder you go. Sojourn’s main weakness is she’s not a hitscan character and doesn’t have a self-healing skill, but her mobility and damage output balances those out. Sojourn drops heroes with ease in the hands of someone with good aim. Her secondary railgun skill can kill some enemies with a headshot or take them out even with a body hit.


  • Hanzo
  • Widowmaker
  • Tracer
  • Soldier 76
  • Genji


Hanzoi best attackers dps overwatch 2

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Much like with any snipers in-game, Hanzo’s effectiveness falls in the hand of the user. If you manage to hit your shots, Hanzo is a lean, mean, killing machine. His mobility and skillset are terrifying in the hands of an expert, especially his Dragonstrike skill, which can easily wipe out the enemy team if you find the right spot and timing.


Widowmaker best attackers dps overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard

There’s a point in time in the history of Overwatch when Widowmaker was the best hero. On any version of the game, Widowmaker is a glass cannon that can instantly kill any support hero (and some DPS heroes) with a fully-charged headshot. Her popularity dipped down during the heyday of the Tank meta meta due to the abundance of shields, her greatest weakness.

Still, with the changes in Overwatch 2, she’s now rising the ranks and may soon reclaim her throne as one of the best attackers.


Tracer Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Tracer should’ve been an S-tier due to her fit in the mobility meta. The face of the game once flourished, even with the presence of tanks. In particular, her Pulse Pistols’ rapid-fire hitscan bullets are devastating to tanks as she can quickly go behind them and unleash a barrage of bullets. Tracer is still a hero to be wary of, especially in open spaces.

Soldier 76

Soldier76 Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Soldier 76 is the most balanced hero in the game regarding his abilities and kit. His hitscan gun, helix rocket damage, sprint ability, and self-healing skill make him one of the best and most reliable attackers in Overwatch 2. Every beginner should use him as a practice hero if they want DPS as their primary role.


Genji Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Genji is arguably the most agile hero in the game. He may have low health, but his mobility and high damage output make up for it. The absence of stuns brought Genji back to the top since the usual counters like Brigitte are now unable to corner Genji. Genji is now more free to roam around the map and take down squishy enemies whenever possible.


  • Reaper
  • Junkrat
  • Pharah
  • Echo


Reaper Attacker Overwatch2

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Reaper is a very situational hero. He’s a nightmare to deal with when he manages to get near the enemy’s backline and tanks. He can wipe a team out, especially if he can catch the enemies clumped up and Death Blossom is available. But that’s also his main problem. Enemy attackers and tanks can easily take care of him if he can’t go near the enemies.


Junkrat Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Junkrat is a very polarizing hero. In the hands of someone who practiced Junkrat, he can be very irritating to play against. He has one of the game’s highest damage outputs; his traps are good at disrupting the enemy’s rhythm, and you can kill people without repercussions.

Still, if somebody who doesn’t know how to utilize his skillset played him, more often than not, you’ll see yourself more on the spawn point than the battlefield.


Pharah Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Pharah is another situational hero. Her most significant strength is her ability to fly and be out of the range of other attackers. She’s also one of the heroes who can wipe an entire team with a perfectly timed Rocket Barrage.

The downside of Pharah is that she’s resource-heavy. She requires a bit of baby-ing from one support (preferably Mercy), her long-range attacks require a learning curve, and she’s weak against hitscan heroes who are becoming increasingly popular in this meta.


Echo Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Echo should’ve been in a higher tier if only her Ultimate wasn’t given a health cap. Her Duplicate ability is one of Echo’s main selling points. The ability to copy an enemy tank and serve as a secondary tank was the loophole in the game’s significant tweak against the Tank composition.

Although, now that it’s nerfed, Echo’s gameplay evolved to a better Pharah and also requires the same attention from support. She can also fly and also struggles with hitscan heroes. The thing that made her a better Pharah is that she can kill an enemy attacker instantly. If you manage to hit and plant Sticky Bombs on your enemy’s body with a Focusing Beam follow-up attack, they’re as good as dead.


  • Mei
  • Ashe
  • Symmetra


Mei Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Mei used to be among the best attackers, but her balance change in Overwatch 2 killed her off. Mei’s primary attack used to be able to freeze enemies if you managed to hit them for a certain duration continuously. However, with the advent of balancing in Overwatch 2, Blizzard completely took it out of Mei’s arsenal. You can now only slow enemies down, so Mei’s role as a hard counter to the flankers is also gone.

The only reason why she’s not part of the bottom tier is that she still has her Cryo-Freeze ability and Ice Wall, which can make her somewhat of a secondary tank for this Meta.


Symmetra Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

Symmetra was one of the top picks if your team is on defense. Who can forget her dominance in Illios? However, with the current meta shifting towards a more mobile composition, Symmetra’s being left behind. Her primary attack requires you to stay near the enemy to maximize its damage, but you can’t do that when you can’t catch your enemies.

You can facilitate plays with his teleporter ability, though it’s counter-intuitive with the meta now that attackers should be behind the enemy lines and not in front. You’ll be better off picking other attackers than Symmetra in the current meta.


Ashe Attacker Overwatch2

Image via Blizzard

The Wild West-themed Ashe lost her position in the meta once Overwatch 2 rolled out the balance on the tanks. She was mainly used before as a tank buster. Her dynamite easily broke the enemies’ shields, and her rifle dealt a lot of damage. Now that the meta only allows a team to pick a single tank, Ashe’s greatest strength is not that important now. She can only find success with maps that require players to go to a single point, scorching a team or flushing out flankers with her dynamite.


  • Cassidy
  • Torbjörn


Cassidy best attackers dps overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard

Formerly known as McCree, Cassidy was once at the top of the list of best attackers, but the balance of stuns and crowd control in Overwatch 2 resulted in his downfall. Cassidy’s primary role is to control and kill the very mobile flankers such as Tracer and Genji. Using his flash grenade to stun a flanker and quickly kill them with his alt-attack placed Cassidy as a top-priority pick back then. With the lack of stun, Cassidy has no place in the current meta.


Torbjorn best attackers dps overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard

Torbjörn is a very situational hero in this meta. His turrets can easily carry a team’s defense on maps like Hanamura and Eichenwilde, but he’s weak in the current meta, where heroes are going in and out of the fights. New players can still score some play-of-the-game clips using Torbjörn in the lower ranks, but once you reach the higher ranks, you might not have a good time playing the hammer-swinging engineer.