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One of the most notable differences between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War is their pistols. In Modern Warfare, the pistols were weak and rarely used — outside of perhaps the Snake Shot Magnum. However, in Black Ops Cold War they are back to form and among some of the best weapons in the game. And the strongest of all those pistols is likely the Diamatti.

Based on the real-life Beretta 93R, the Diamatti is a three-round burst fire handgun. We’ve seen plenty of these types of pistols throughout Call of Duty. Perhaps most memorable was Modern Warfare 2‘s M93 Raffica. Many may remember just how powerful the Rafficas were when duel-wielded. Even the meta primary weapons such as the ACR and UMP-45 struggled to compete up close. And yet somehow Treyarch has managed to make an even more broken interpretation with the Diamatti.


Diamatti Perk Greed build

  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator
  • Barrel: 7.2″ Task Force
  • Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Magazine: Salvo 30 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Stock: Dual Wield

With my Magnum loadout guide, I made an attempt to show you an alternative, non-akimbo build. But with the Diammati there’s just no point. If you’re not planning to dual wield these, you’re better off using either of the other pistols. When you do run akimbo, what you’re left with is one of the most broken guns in the entire game.

The Diamatti’s base damage is 30 per shot and three shots per burst. This means that a single gun can do up to 90 damage in a burst, and dual-wielded you can expect up to 180 damage. Since enemies in Black Ops Cold War have just 150 health, the Diamatti can one burst with akimbo equipped. This results in an almost instant time to kill. If you do require a second burst, then your time to kill shoots up to 378 ms thanks to its lengthy burst delay. This is a little on the slow side, but still somewhat competitive. Requiring more than two bursts to secure a kill is relatively rare.

Black Ops Cold War Diamatti Gameplay

The Diamatti is not an overly well-balanced gun. Running two of them together might be overpowered, but leveling this thing up without akimbo is a pain. It’s just not a good weapon if used as a singular handgun.

I like the 7.2″ Task Force barrel as it provides just about everything you need. The extra 13% damage won’t decrease your shots to kill, but it can make the Diamatti a little more forgiving at longer ranges. Equally, the massive 120% increase to bullet velocity and 40% increase to effective damage range make this thing nasty up to 20 meters or so. Due to its wide spray pattern, you’re not going to be able to land shots consistently beyond that, but 20 meters is still a great effective range for a secondary. For comparison, many of Black Ops Cold War‘s submachine guns begin to struggle at that distance.

Unsurprisingly, the 5mw Laser Sight is an excellent choice on a gun you can’t aim with. Given that every shot you take with the Diamatti akimbo will be hip-fire, using an attachment that increases hip-fire accuracy is a must. Since the Diammati’s default hip-fire accuracy is already equal to most submachine guns in Black Ops Cold War, this extra 35% buff makes it scarily accurate. With a bit of RNG on your side, it’s possible to one burst people up to 30 meters away. Although you’ll want to try and keep your gunfights closer than that most of the time.

Black Ops Cold War Diamatti Gameplay Akimbo

If you aim at your enemy’s center of mass, expect to fairly consistently one burst kill people at this sort of range. However, this is a hip-fire weapon so sometimes bad luck will get you outgunned.

As with the other Black Ops Cold War akimbo weapons, the Salvo 30 Rnd Fast Mag is completely overpowered on the Diamatti. The only downside to using this magazine attachment is a decrease in your aim down sights time. But since you can’t aim with a dual-wielded pistol anyway, it has no tangible cons. This means that you get more ammo, a larger magazine, and a faster reload time without giving anything up.

The Dual Wield attachment is in a broken state and needs to be addressed by Treyarch. Both this and the Magnum can be turned into objectively better versions of the shotguns. Why line up your shots with the Hauer-77 when you can just spam your Diammatti’s and achieve the same thing? And until Treyarch shows a willingness to nerf this, I fully encourage you guys to make the most of them. Because I heavily doubt they will remain this strong forever.

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