The best Call of Duty: Warzone M60 light machine gun class

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Since the integration, light machine guns have been overlooked in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, the M60 can be a powerful weapon in both Verdansk and Rebirth Island. The M60 is a fully automatic weapon which already has a high amount of fire power. It is important to note that the weapon does lack in the speed department. However, using the correct attachments can give your M60 that extra boost in Warzone.

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To begin, the 22.8” Match Grade Barrel will maximize your effective damage range as the attachment increases it by 100%. Pairing this with the Axial Arms 3X Optic will allow you to successfully deal damage to enemies at longer distances. Next, the M60 is not very strong in terms of speed. To combat this, you can equip the Bruiser Grip. This increases your movement speed, shooting move speed, and your aim walking movement speed. In addition, using the SAS combat stock will improve your shooting move speed and aiming while walking movement speed further.

Although it is a good idea to maximize your ammunition in Warzone, the M60 already has a high amount of ammunition, with a total of 75 bullets. Instead, you can replace a magazine attachment with a different option. The Speed Tape is useful to increase your aim down sight speed. You may want to use a suppressor attachment to keep your shots hidden. However, this will negatively impact the high firepower of the M60.

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With your new M60 as your primary weapon, you have a multitude of options to pair it with. Since the light machine gun is strong at long range, you may choose to use a submachine gun for those close quarter engagements. So far, the AK-74U and the Black Ops Cold War MP5 have proven to be dominant candidates.

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