The best Call of Duty: Warzone Pelington 703 sniper rifle class

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Sniper rifles are a useful weapon for picking off players in Call of Duty: Warzone. Since the launch of the battle royale, sniper rifles have remained dominant on the battlefield. Moreover, the integration with Black Ops Cold War has introduced sniper rifles such as the Pelington 703 to Warzone. Also, Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles have a reduced sniper glint, making them less punishing when aiming in. The Pelington 703 base weapon already has excellent handling, while providing the accuracy you need to eliminate your targets. With the best attachments equipped, the weapon can prove its power in both Rebirth Island and Verdansk.

To make a start on your new sniper class, equip the Wrapped Suppressor Muzzle attachment. This will make improvements to your weapon in terms of muzzle flash concealment, vertical recoil control, and idle sway control. Following this, using the 27.2” Combat Recon Barrel will significantly boost the bullet velocity of your Pelington 703. For your Rear Grip, you should use the Airborne Elastic Wrap. Ultimately, this will increase your aim down sight time, an important feature for sniper rifles. In addition, the attachment will improve your flinch resistance and aiming while going prone.

Next, choosing the correct Optic is important when sniping. The Royal & Kross 4x scope is one of the most viable sights when improving your accuracy with this weapon. Finally, complete your class with the 7 Round Magazine attachment. This will ensure you have more bullets in your clip, without losing any valuable aim down sight time.

Drop into the action with your new Pelington 703

To ensure you have a loadout locked and loaded for any type of encounter, you should pair your sniper with a close-quarters weapon. Submachine guns such as the Bullfrog have proven their dominance in Warzone. If you are a fan of shotguns, the Gallo SA12 or Hauer 77 may be the option for you.

Pelington 703 Warzone

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