The best FFAR 1 class to use in Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Sykov pistol

Since the second DMR nerf, players have been searching for a new meta. One weapon that is becoming increasingly prominent in Warzone is the FFAR 1. This weapon resides in the assault rifle category, introduced into Verdansk and Rebirth Island due to the Black Ops Cold War crossover. However, players are utilizing the FFAR 1 as a submachine gun in Call of Duty: Warzone. With the right attachments equipped, it is a weapon that is powerful at close range. So much so, it is capable of outplaying many of the actual submachine guns.

The first attachment you want to equip is the Agency Suppressor Muzzle. This will hide your bullets from the mini map, ensuring players can not track your location when shooting. To accompany this, using the 21.2” Ranger Barrel will boost the bullet velocity of your weapon. Next, the Bruiser Grip Underbarrel is a favorable attachment as it has been found to improve both vertical and horizontal recoil control.

In addition, using the Raider Stock on the FFAR 1 will mainly better your movement. This will allow you to use the assault rifle as a submachine gun more effectively. The attachment will increase your sprint to fire time, as well as your aim walking movement speed. To complete your class, you should maximize your ammunition with a magazine attachment. The Salvo 50 Round Fast Magazine will provide you with more rounds in your clip, while allowing you to reload quicker.

Get up close and personal with the FFAR 1 in hand

This class can provide you with a unique change of pace. You may want to pair your FFAR 1 with a weapon for those long range gunfights, such as a sniper rifle like the LW3 Tundra. Or maybe you’d prefer to use another assault rifle, this time for dealing damage at range such as the Krig 6. It will be interesting to see if the FFAR 1 will become the Warzone meta and take over the role of a submachine gun.

Warzone Ffar 1

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