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Sniper rifles are very powerful in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. With the integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, you can take advantage of these powerful sniper rifles in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Arguably, the most powerful sniper rifle in the battle royale is the LW3 Tundra. The base stats show that the weapon already has a high amount of fire power and accuracy. With the correct attachments, you are able to maximize these features, while boosting other aspects of the weapon.

To begin your new LW3 Tundra Warzone class, you should equip the 28.2” Tiger Team Barrel. This adds a variety of benefits to your sniper rifle such as increased damage, fire rate, and bullet velocity. Following this, the Raider Pad Stock is useful in increasing your speed through boosting your sprint to fire time and aim walking movement speed. Next, the Airborne Elastic Wrap Rear Grip will allow you to aim while going prone. In addition, the attachment will improve your aim-down sight time and flinch resistance, improving your accuracy when taking quick shots.

The Infiltrator Grip Underbarrel once again adds many desirable features in terms of speed and control such as providing quicker movement speed, shooting move speed, and aim walking movement speed. To complete your sniper class, use the 7 Round Magazine in order to increase your magazine size.

Take your LW3 Tundra to the Warzone

As a sniper rifle is a long range weapon, you may want to have a weapon for close-quarter engagements as your secondary weapon. There are a variety of viable options for you to choose from. Included, is the Bullfrog or the Black Ops Cold War MP5. Recently, some of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most overpowered weapons fell victim to a weapon tuning patch. However, sniper rifles are considered to be the most difficult weapon to balance. Perhaps, their dominance will continue throughout the game.

Lw3 Tundra Warzone

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