The Callisto Protocol development encounter

Fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Dead Space have likely heard of The Callisto Protocol, the survival horror game announced during The Game Awards 2020. Taking place in the same universe as PUBGThe Callisto Protocol promises to offer a fresh new take on the IP. And since Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, has assumed the role of director for this project, it could serve as an unlikely, yet welcome, palate cleanser for Dead Space fans, at least until the remake comes out. Fortunately, it looks like the development of The Callisto Protocol has progressed smoothly judging by a recent tweet posted by Schofield.

The tweet in question contains a picture of an actor in a motion-capture suit, with Schofield saying that he loves it when “the design starts coming together.” He praised the work that his team has devoted to bringing the game’s “characters to life” in its motion-capture studio. He went on to thank fans for waiting patiently while his team touches the game up. Schofield ended the tweet by saying he’ll reveal more details soon.


When could an announcement take place?

Curiously, The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley replied to Schofield’s tweet with the “eyes” emoji, which he has previously done to tease an upcoming game announcement. While no official confirmation has come out, it appears that The Callisto Protocol might make an appearance at Summer Game Fest 2022 or one of Keighley’s other shows. Considering the developers plan on releasing the game sometime this year, a Summer Game Fest announcement would seem like an appropriate time to show more information.

Regardless of what will happen, fans can breathe a sigh of relief over Schofield’s development update on The Callisto Protocol. With a new announcement likely imminent, stay tuned to both Schofield’s Twitter page as well as the official Callisto Protocol account for more updates.

The Callisto Protocol development protagonist

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