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We finally got a real look at Glen Schofield’s The Callisto Protocol with a trailer shown at the PlayStation: State of Play today. But that’s not all, fans of spooky horror games. The Callisto Protocol has been confirmed for a December 2 release date, arguably the scariest time of the year. Wait, it isn’t? Well, it’ll make for a creepy Christmas season anyway.

The Callisto Protocol won’t offer too many surprises if you’ve already played Dead Space. Of course, that was somewhat expected considering it’s being made by the Dead Space creator. It definitely has the making of a spiritual successor, with a behind-the-back camera angle, a futuristic sci-fi setting, and grotesque body horror. The enemies haunting protagonist Jacob Lee look quite similar to Necromorphs, but a bit more bloated and zombified.


However, Lee is a prisoner on Callisto, not an engineer. Isaac Clarke’s weaponry included the tools of his trade. In The Callisto Protocol, Lee is armed with actual guns, such as a pistol and a rifle. There also appears to be finishing moves using knives, as well as some melee options. I did see someone getting kicked in the face. However, I wouldn’t take that as a confirmation that stomping has returned. That might just end up being an Isaac Clarke special in the end.

Creepy crawly

As we can see from the trailer, The Callisto Protocol borrows a lot of other Dead Space and horror staples. Jump scares, creatures hiding in vents, and smaller, nasty monsters that eat faces all make up the gameplay. But it’s not like I’m complaining. We went through a AAA survival horror game drought for many years. I’m more than happy to see a return to high-fidelity terror. With the Resident Evil 4 remake also confirmed, we’re in for a spooky good time.

The Callisto Protocol is set for a release date on December 2 for PC.

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