The Chaos Engine re-emerges at GetGamesGo

The Chaos Engine

His perverse nature is not to be trusted …

Did you own an Amiga in the early 90s? If so, then you played The Chaos Engine. There’s no real question about it, those conditions mean that you did play The Chaos Engine at some point. Even if it was for a few fleeting moments ’round at a friends place.

GetGamesGo remembers too, which is why some sort of mystical, magical remake of the game has shown up at that site. Who, exactly, is making this new version is not exactly clear. I’ve seen Devolver Digital’s name used in relation to it, but can’t actually confirm that.

All there really is so far is the pre-order page, a sparse official page and a teaser trailer (below) showing some familiar portraits. Character ‘class’ names were great in that game, weren’t they? I’d love to be able to play as a Preacher or Navvie in more titles.