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After a long run of various development updates and in-progress screenshots, DC Designs’ highly anticipated Concorde project is nearing its full launch. The legendary commercial jetliner has been out of the real skies for several years now, making this a sought-after release. DC Designs is promising a complex package that will be sure to do the Concorde some justice when it lands in Microsoft Flight Simulator at the end of March.

As the product description over on Just Flight mentions, “this version of Concorde has been the subject of intense study, with both the flight deck and exterior models built with reference to hundreds of-resolution images…” In other words, customers can be sure that great detail has been put into the model both inside and out.


Unlike the default airliners from Asobo, there will be no “Inop” prompts here. The DC Designs team has painstakingly modeled, animated and provided functionality for “literally every single switch, button, dial and knob.” This will be a very hands-on experience, as even the engineer’s station “will require monitoring during flight to ensure safe and successful operation of the aircraft.”

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A true blast from the past

As advanced as the Concorde was, it was still built long before the highly advanced avionics that modern aircraft possess became standard. Two pilots are required to fly the jet, and a third crewman monitors and controls its various systems. DC Designs’ Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator features high-res textures both inside and out, clean animations, and even an attention to detail in the performance department to make it easier for most systems to handle. It’ll even be VR compatible.

The team has yet to disclose a launch price for the Concord. But it will release exclusively on the Just Flight marketplace on March 30. With that being so close, a price will likely be announced quite soon.

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