That’s right, the controversial Night Trap is actually being remastered. In the good old days when full video in a game was something that seemed out of this world, Night Trap caused more that a stir.

    It’s been 25 years since the game appeared on the SEGA CD and it looks terribly dated now. To bring it up to speed, a remaster is being put together by developer Screaming Villains.

    Players will head back inside a house of scantily clad women in an effort to protect them from whatever has been making teenage girls dissapear from the abode.  You must protect a fresh batch of unsuspecting girls from the vampire Augers and once again players will be attempting to trap the Augers inside the house via hidden cameras and traps.

    When the game released back in 1992 it caused quite a storm and was even cited in the 1990s Congressional hearings concerning violent video games. Toys’R’Us even removed it from its shelves after complaints. You can read more about that on Wikipedia.

    This new 25th anniversary edition is expected soon on consoles but a Tweet from the developers indicated that it could be making its way to PC as well.

    No doubt it will do rather well when it’s released purely for nostalgia reasons. We’ve also moved on somewhat in 25 years as the game has been given a Teen rating. Here’s the trailer.

    Paul Younger
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