The Crew 2 Season 6 Episode 1 impressions — Dominion Forsberg

The Crew 2 Dominion Forsberg Impressions 1

It’s wild to think that The Crew 2 is entering its sixth season of DLC, but the new tracks, cars, and events are continuing to roll onto the asphalt. The first episode of this new season kicks off on July 6, and more content is planned. I got to take an early peak at the first few new events and the cars that come with it. ‘Dominion Forsberg’ is the name of this latest episode of content coming to The Crew 2. And, if you know anything about Formula drifting, you’ll know that it’s named after Chris Forsberg. But the Formula Drift World Champion lends more than just his name to the proceedings.

The Dominion Forsberg introductory video in The Crew 2 introduces the man himself as he explains what the DLC is all about. This episode includes nine Motorflix challenges, all meant to evoke Forsberg-related exploits. For the purposes of this preview, I got to play the first three challenges. The first was a drifting challenge that required me to score above a certain number of points. I’m honestly not too good with the drifting cars in this game, so I slid around the track like an idiot. But the other two events were more my speed. Sorry.


The Dominion Forsberg events in The Crew 2 isn’t all about drifting. The second and third events are single-car races where you’re trying to beat Forsberg’s times. These are very easy to beat on normal difficulty, so they are clearly not indicative of what the actual Forsberg would pull off in the real deal. Still, it makes sense that the races didn’t need to be impossibly hard. Of course, harder difficulties are unlocked with each victory, so that bar can definitely be pushed further.

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Into the wind

Then there are the new cars themselves. The second event gives you the Forsberg Racing Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. A brand new car pack can also be purchased with even more Forsberg vehicles. But things wouldn’t be complete without new playgrounds. This episode adds six playgrounds into the world, two of which I saw during the first three events. The first is a new track in Las Vegas. Regardless of if you have the season pass or not, these playgrounds will be integrated into the world for all owners of The Crew 2. This season will have a Live Summit, a playlist of nine events spread across multiple playgrounds and disciplines that allows players to compete for the top spots.

Alongside the above content, some new changes will take effect once this episode goes live. The handling of a bunch of cars will be improved across the board. It also brings a host of gameplay changes including an AI rebalance and update to PvP playlists. There will also be visual improvements, although some of these are console only (mainly because PC already has these features). It adds a new weather cycle, modifications to the look of snow, adjustments to color grading, improvements to reflections and more. It’s nice to see The Crew 2 get so much love, especially since we’re comparatively at the point where, in the first game’s dev cycle, the sequel was launched. Here’s to hoping the lot of you are better at drifting than I am.

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