The Crew Beta - 76

No wobbly animals on springs to ride either. Up your playground game, The Crew.

Saying you’re the “world’s greatest playground” is a pretty bold claim, but The Crew is prepared to make it in this new trailer. Tim and I found it pretty alright during the beta, but a lack of see-saws and bouncy castles means it falls quite short in the playground stakes.

Also if you drive a fast car into a playground you’ll upset all the parents.

Wait … oh, okay, I’m being told it’s a metaphor. Rather than slides (actually, I guess The Crew will actually have slides,) the “playground” stuff refers to your ability to drive all around the version of the United States presented by the upcoming MMO-ish online driving title. You can drive in forests! Up mountains! (if you have the right car) On roads! I mean. Obviously on roads.

Don’t confuse THIS ‘playground’ trailer with the one released during Gamescom. They are actually different.

There are also bits and pieces to find and collect, like scrap cars that you can salvage for parts and turn into a ride of your own. Plus radio towers that unlock bits of the map, because Ubisoft is publishing this and they apparently have some kind of internal mandate to that effect.

The Crew is scheduled for an 11 November release, and should have another beta session on PC next week.

Peter Parrish

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