September 5th, 2017

The Crew E3 screens show many sides of America

The Crew - 07
This is the ever-popular “you’re going to crash” camera option.

My, but open-world racer The Crew looks awfully pretty, and I’m quite the fan of the idea of a massive open-world racer. The below screenshots show off quite a lot of that open world.

For instance! You can see Little Havana, and Yosemite. The other areas don’t have names so I’m not going to even guess, but in-keeping with videogame level history, there’s an industrial zone, a desert zone, and even a sewer level! Well, okay, no, it’s more like a drainage canal, but shush. There are some open highways, some police cars… gosh, but it just looks smashing.

Have a look below for yourself. Don’t forget that you can sign up for the forthcoming beta right now, and The Crew itself will be getting its act together in time for 11 November.

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