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The Crew get back together for this Ubisoft walkthrough video

The Crew

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t NEED roads.

In honour of Gamescom, Ubisoft have released a walkthrough video of The Crew showing off the sort of open-world multiplayer racing activities you can get up to when it launches early next year.

Learn about how car customisation works; about how you get money, experience, and random car parts for completing challenges and missions; about how you can seamlessly “fast travel” to wherever you like, including right next to your friends; about Follow challenges that have you replicate the path your friends take; about the open-world races that give you distant checkpoints and let you reach them however you like.

In short, learn about how The Crew works. Despite not really being a racing game sort of guy, I’m faintly optimistic about this one.

Trailer below. Game due out Q1 2014.