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Ubisoft has pulled the curtain off of the brand-new The Crew Motorfest — its upcoming open-world action-racer. This third entry in the series takes place on the island of O’ahu, part of the famous Hawaiian archipelago. The in-game world features a wealth of different race activities that will take you all across the tropical landscape. While the game won’t release until later in 2023, Ubisoft Ivory Tower is already prepared to start getting feedback from players. Thus, starting February 1, a closed beta for The Crew Motorfest will be underway — and here’s how you can join.

Calling all cars

For this first phase of the closed beta, the developers are seeking out 2,000 players. Much like past Ubisoft betas, this initial version of the game is not only be closed to the general public, but also will require each accepted player to sign an NDA. This means that all commentary about gameplay will be reserved for Ubisoft personnel only, and recordings/screenshots will not be permitted to be published online.

This first phase commences on February 1 and will then be followed by three subsequent phases throughout the rest of the year. While this initial batch of 2,000 seems small, Ubisoft will gradually call on more and more players for further testing opportunities.

Only PC players can join The Crew Motorfest closed beta

It must also be noted that this first phase of testing is going to be reserved for PC players. As a result, you’ll need to make sure your rig meets the minimum system requirements should you decide to try your hand at signing up.

Speaking of which, you can sign up over on the main website for The Crew Motorfest; all you need is a Ubisoft Connect account. As is mentioned on the website, make sure to check your emails to see if you’ve been selected to participate. If you don’t see an email in your inbox after a while, then that means you weren’t selected (but be sure to check your Spam to know for sure). If you’re not chosen in this first go-round, when the other phases are initiated, you may get your chance then.

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