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Behold, an infographic.

The Crew’s PC closed beta session will be revving up (sorry) sooner than expected, on 21 July. Originally, the beta date was set as 23 July. If fact you can still see that date if you go to the beta sign-up page.

Details about the closed beta have been posted on the game’s official site, including a bit of information about what will actually be available to play around with. The persistent, open world (well, open USA) game will have beta missions and skill challenges in the Midwest region of America, plus some challenges on the East Coast too.

The beta will include a pair of PvP lobbies, one based around the Midwest and one in the East, each including “several races” for players to compete in.

Specific cars don’t seem to be listed in the announcement, but it’s mentioned that you’ll be able to tune for Street Spec and Dirt Spec in this closed beta period. It does mention “a glimpse” of the other tuning types (Performance, Raid and Circuit) as well, however.

If you signed up for inclusion in the beta during E3 (or afterwards) and have been selected, I’d imagine emails will be going out across the next few days.

This particular closed beta session will run from 21 July to 25 July. The Crew is due in November this year.

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