June 19th, 2017

The Crew’s PC servers undergoing maintenance to “improve stability”

When I took a look at the state of The Crew’s PC port the other day, I foolishly neglected to speculate about whether the game’s online servers would work properly on launch. Because of course they don’t.

PC players have been reporting their fair share of issues with The Crew, including crashes on start-up, mid-game crashes (not just of the car kind,) vanishing pre-order extras, a lack of other visible players and lost progress. With that last one, at least, it sounds like the data is still knocking around somewhere, so Ubisoft should be able to restore it.

In an attempt to deal with some of these problems, The Crew PC servers are (at the time of writing) undergoing maintenance to “improve the stability” of the game. This is scheduled to last until around 11am Pacific (US) / 7pm (UK).

The title’s lead designer Serkan Hasan may be somewhat regretting this pre-release interview in which he said that he had “confidence in the stability of the game and its performance.” When it comes to contemporary Ubisoft games, or online-focused titles in general, that’s something which can now no longer be guaranteed.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity launched with an eclectic selection of problems and is still, several weeks after launch, waiting for a patch that will improve overall frame-rate performance on all platforms.

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