The Crew Beta - 87

I’m sure the cops just want to be my friends.

The Crew is turning out to be a bit like Thomas the Tank Engine; a bunch of vehicles, all hanging out and having a jolly nice time. Except The Crew’s cars don’t have giant faces on, I suppose. Or get embroiled in helpful life lessons about working together and friendship. Possibly just an oversight?

In this new trailer from the Ubisoft factory of new trailers, it pretty much just shows a crew of cars driving around partaking in various in-game activities. You know, racing, fleeing from the police, that sort of thing. Is ‘crew’ the correct collective noun for a group of cars? I’m not sure it is. I think it’s technically ‘fleet,’ although that makes it sound more like ships.

So anyway, if you want to see some (mostly) in-game bits from The Crew and listen to some music by The Shoes, cast your eyes trailer-wards.

The Crew is coming out for PC on 11 November.

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