The Cursed Crusade has a story to tell

This new trailer for the Atlus-published The Cursed Crusade teaches two things. One, the game is due in October and two, always enunciate like crazy when you’re voice acting as a Templar.
There’s something ever-so amateur dramatics about the deliveries in this video, but it gives it a strange kind of charm. Like an earnest BBC production of Robin Hood from the 1980s, or something.
It’s all in good fun. Unless you’re on the receiving end of a particularly heavy sword-swipe, I suppose. Fighting and cutscenes; and sometimes fighting in cutscenes. That’s the message I’m getting from this footage.
That, and if you do naughty things while on a Crusade you get turned into a devil-demon thing. Seems fair enough really.
The Cursed Crusade is due on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from 25 October.