The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope launching in time for Halloween

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Release Date

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope was meant to launch during the summer this year. However, it was delayed much like most everything was this year. Issues surrounding COVID-19 meant the developer Supermassive Games had to scramble to get workers continuing development from home. Its new release date, however, feels more appropriate considering the horror themes of the series. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available on October 30 — just in time for the spookiness.

Little Hope is in the same series of games that brought us Man of Medan. Like its predecessor, Little Hope tells a creepy story starring people making dumb choices. Of course, most of those dumb choices are on your hands. It’ll be a narrative adventure, where forks in the story come screaming your way in the form of a QTE. Make a bad choice, and one of the assholes in your employ could die. The right choices, however, could see them through to the end.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope launch date

The stories of Little Hope and Medan are different, but somehow connected. Medan took place on a supposedly haunted ghost ship. You know, like Ghost Ship. Little Hope, however, takes place in the eponymous town, and deals with witches and witchcraft aplenty. The reveal trailer makes it fairly clear that there is some kind of overarching story. Perhaps The Dark Pictures tells some cautionary tale about how being utterly unlikable will lead you to getting killed by ghosts, or witches, or witch ghosts. Either way, both will have gameplay bookended by a guy looking down his nose at you.

The moral of the story

Little Hope will be creepy, but you don’t have to get creeped out alone. The game, like Medan, includes a two-player online co-op feature. You and a friend will play separate characters, while making your own decisions that could lead to good or ill. There will also be a couch co-op mode for up to five players, allowing you and a group of others to save or sabotage one another.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope heads to PC on October 30.

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