We heard about successful video game campaigns in Kickstarter before, but what happens when a video game wants to turn into a board game? Well, if it’s based on a legendary series like Dark Souls, the success is obviously guaranteed.

According to an update on the upcoming Dark Souls board game project, it took three minutes to reach the £50,000 goal. Yeah, you read that right, only three minutes. At the time of writing this article, the board game has amassed £853.214.

These numbers are huge and very impressive. but they should not surprise anyone who knows the Dark Souls fanbase. The idea of creating a Dark Souls board game is great and although you shouldn’t judge a book from its cover, the “cover” looks pretty awesome. There are four playable classes taken straight from the original video game, and it looks like invasions are included too.

Two boss characters have been revealed so far in the form of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and Smough & Ornstein.

The timing of a announcing a project like this is also great, with Dark Souls 3 being out there and gathering positive feedback and reviews from gamers and journalists. You should definitely visit the official Kickstarter page and watch the video below that provides even more information regarding the Dark Souls 3 board game.

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