deadly tower of monsters

ACE Team’s super-meta b-movie title The Deadly Tower of Monsters will be launching itself upon the face of the world in January. 19 January to be precise, with a PC price tag of $15 (or equivalent currency).

Honestly, I’m still not completely sure what this game is. Based on the trailers (another one of which is below), it seems like a kind of top-down, hack-and-slash (or pew-and-bang, anyway) … maybe light RPG?

There’s also a whole meta-level to it, because The Deadly Tower of Monsters is framed as an old, unearthed b-movie that’s getting a re-release. The original director (fictional, obviously) will be providing insights and commentary throughout. So in that respect it might be kind of like Bastion, with comments on your actions, maybe. Or it could just be scripted.

Either way, ACE Team (Zeno Clash, Abyss Odyssey) know how to capture an aesthetic, so I’m hopefully they’ll do the same for cheesy 1950s sci-fi.

Here’s a new trailer, plus some images.

Peter Parrish

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