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You’ll need to make a fateful choice once you reach the Breathless scene in The Devil in Me. As characters are attempt to run away from someone that’s chasing them, they’d end up in a dastardly trap. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you decide on which person to save in the Suffocation Room, Kate or Erin.

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The Devil in Me guide – Who to save in the Suffocation Room

As mentioned above, the decision to save someone in the Suffocation Room in The Devil in Me occurs during the Breathless scene. There seems to be an important factor to consider here:

  • Erin has to stay alive up to this point in the campaign.
  • Erin can die in Blackout and Silver Ash, so make sure you can keep her safe.
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At the start of the Breathless scene, Erin will be chased by Du’Met. Eventually, she’ll be reunited with Jamie, Kate, and Mark. Unfortunately, Erin and Kate will get trapped inside the Suffocation Room.

This is when player control shifts to Jamie. There’s a lever that will decompress one of the two chambers, which means that you have to choose who lives or dies.

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Here are your options:

  • Kill Erin – If you do this, Erin will simply die. Still, if she was able to discover the tape recording in Silver Ash, she’ll write on the glass using her own blood, telling the group that Charlie is in cahoots with the killer.
  • Kill Kate – Kate has plot armor (for now). She’ll notice that air is seeping through the glass, and Mark will end up breaking it. Both Kate and Erin will survive if you pick this option.
  • Let time expire – If you don’t do anything, Mark will take charge of the situation, and he’ll automatically kill Erin to save Kate.

Note 1: If Erin survives this ordeal, she’ll still divulge Charlie’s alleged involvement. This will affect the Complicit Bearing.

Note 2: Since Jamie chose to save Erin, you’ll earn the “Ignited” achievement.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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